New Years

So its New Years here in Australia and I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year! I hope you accolomplish everything you wanted to last year and at least keep your New Years resolutions for at least a week. This year should be the year you were supposed to have last year, if you had a bad year. If you had a good year, I hope for you that this year will be even better and more eventful!
Happy New Years guys !

Not ready

Its that time off the year again. Christmas. And I kinda hate it. I mean I had a great day playing around with my brand new camera but I feel like I’m not ready. Christmas came too early. I feel like I’m still preparing for New Year Eve 2013. I feel like I haven’t accomplished anything this year. Sure I’ve done minor things like ‘win’ a second place ribbon at the sports carnival (I actually found it on the floor), I made a peacock sculpture, started learning saxophone and got my first A+ in English, but while writing this I had to really, really think. I had to use brains to think of what I had accomplished this year. I’ve watched a LOT of movies and a LOT of episodes. Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars, Teen Wolf, Vampire Diaries, but what for? Doing all these things didn’t accomplish anything. It just made me paranoid at night, waiting for ‘A’ to come into my room. Anyways. I have to get back to watching Gossip Girl.


Ha Ha


(Maybe not)

But yeah, it shocking how fast this year has gone by. Soon enough I’ll be off to Uni and be an ‘independent’ adult.

I am definitely not ready for the end of the year.

I hope you guys had a very Merry Happy Christmas and a Merry Happy New year.

La La La La La

Bye bye.

Grief in Sydney

It truly is scary seeing an attack so close to home. I think the most overwhelming part is that it could have been anyone and all of this happened because of the actions of one man. I thinks it’s amazing how even during these times the Sydney community is coming together and laying flowers as tributes to the hostages taken. My thoughts and prayers go out to the people affected.


I swear I met my future husband the other day. I’ve been ice skating all week and let me tell you, ice skating is great for meeting new people. There are usually three types of ice skaters. The ones that are amazing and fast. The ones that are dumb ass’s and suck but they decide to be dare devils anyways and the ones that grip onto the wall for the first half hour then let go. I am neither of these. I hold onto the wall until the last 15 minutes then I let go and lean on my friend, but I don’t improve. The next day I do the exact same thing. I see five-year-old’s around me who have never skated in their life, and already in the first 5 minutes they’re better than me. So it makes sense when a guy that sucks as much as I do catches my attention. We complained about the good skaters and exchanged the weird pushy-grandma trolleys. We didn’t improve at all. What sucks the most is I know I’ll never see him again.

He was a complete stranger.


Looking to the past

I scheme

Stuck on the thought

Of what has already been done

Engrossed in the past

Looking back I am blinded

From what is right in front of me

The past is the past

The shower

Do you know what I love about the shower? What I really really love? I love that I can put my head under the water and block my ears. That’s my secret, out. I love that when you put your head under the water and block your ears, its just you and your thoughts and it feels amazing. Two years ago I used to swim, all the time. 3-5 times a week I would be at the pool, swimming, doing laps, floating, wading, basically anything. When I went under the water I felt the same thing. I know it sounds extremely cliche, but you know what? It was just me, and the water and maybe some floating band-aids which was gross. It was my world. In my world everything was perfect. I could kiss the guy I liked, not have to worry about school work or home, I could yell at teachers I hated, all my friends would be fabulous. I could glide through the water and all I would see was a kaleidoscope of colours. I felt like a mermaid (I really want to be a mermaid). But anyways, that’s what everyone wants, right?

A perfect world.